Monday, July 16, 2007

Good morning to a new life of not smoking without Chantix

Benedryl seems to be helping with the itch and was probably responsible for actually sleeping through the night. I am still learning how to Blog. Signing in was a challenge this morning!! Talked with my hubby last night about continuing to live my life as a non smoker and encouraged him to try Chantix. He seemed open to the idea. Regardless, I will not smoke! I am interested to read about how Stan dealt with the itch and how it was to come off of Chantix. Before smoking, I was a swimmer. Seems like exercising is a great outlet. I am going to reward myself by signing up for a swim class at the nearby community college and hope that this will also grant me access to the pool to swim laps. Quitting smoking is so liberating!!! Funny how I used to view cigarettes as a crutch and a treat! Smoking closes so many doors......quitting seems to open up many windows of opprotunites, connections, fresh air...........DEFINATELY WORTH THE HARD WORK! Got to get a move on my day! One foot after the other...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bloggers, thank you for motivating me

I poked around on the computer today to find info. about the itching. Found little on the itching but lots of other complaints. The few positive blogs that I found regarding quiting and Chantix really inspired me. This is why I set up this page. Addictions are awful and the freedoms that come with recovery are worth the hard work. Thank you to all who have shared their experience, strength, and hope out there. Keep on keeping on!

May have to quit Chantix....still committed to quit smoking

This morning's dose of Chantix was the end of week five. I admit to smoking a few while on Chantix. Despite my slilps, I continued to take my Chantix and have been blown away by how helpful this drug has been for me. Due to allergic reactions, I am no longer able to take Chantix anymore. I am motivated to completely abstain from smoking and have a feeling that the toughest part of the fight to quit (without Chantix) is about to REALLY begin. My side effects that I am no longer able to handle are lack of sleep and severe itching (now covering every inch of my body) I still think Chantix is AWESOME and realize that I am one of few who has this itching side effect. Other side effects that I had seemed to dissipate or to become less frequent over time. The itching just continued to worsen. I hope that the itching will subside quickly now that I am no longer taking the Chantix. For now, Benedryl helps some. I am anxious to talk to my doctor in the morning. On a brighter note, I am proud of how far I have come and feel more committed to my quit.